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Refer Intrigue Indy and
Get Paid

Are you a real estate agent? Are you looking for a trusted property manager to refer your colleagues or clients to? Refer Intrigue Indy Property Management and get paid for your referrals!

$150 Per Multifamily Unit

$300 Per Single Family

We value our relationships with current clients and with realtors in the Indianapolis market who are working with investors to buy and sell properties. Whether you are a current client looking to refer a colleague or are an agent who has a client looking for a property management solution, our team of Indianapolis property management experts are here to be a resource. We respect the realtor-client relationship and defer to you to work with your buyers and sellers on all real estate transactions.

For anyone who refers us, we are now offering enrollment into a Referral Fee Structure Program.


This referral fee structure will apply to each new property management or project management client as a thank you for making the connection. All you have to do is make the introduction between our team at Intrigue and a potential client looking for a property management solution. We'll take if from there!


Once they sign an agreement and first revenue is received you'll receive your referral fee as outlined below!

Single Family/Townhome/Condo Units:

$300 per SFH*

*to be paid once a new client signs an agreement for property management and first rent revenue is received. OR once a new client signs project management agreement and first project draw is received.

Multi-Family Units:

$150 per unit*

$150 per unit* to be paid once a new client signs an agreement for property management OR project management services to be provided by Intrigue Indy and first revenue (rent or project draw) is received.

What you can help offer by referring Intrigue:​

Market Rent Analysis

Considering what your client could get in rent for an existing property they own or one they are looking to purchase? We can supply you with an ARV analysis, market rent rate, etc.

Project Management

Is your client looking to purchase a distressed home or a cosmetic fixer-upper to fix up and rent? We can help oversee the renovation utilizing our network of dedicated contractors.


We can find your clients screened and qualified applicants for their rental properties. We run thorough, industry-leading background checks and market rental listings on 40+ sites.

Property Management

We handle all billing, maintenance requests, and tenant communication. All Intrigue tenants have our team's cell phone numbers. We can be reached 24/7.

Fill out the form below to enroll in our client referral program! 

Sign up for Intrigue's
Referral Program


Thanks for enrolling. We'll be in touch soon with next steps!

Professional Property Management.

Intrigue Indy has been providing property management and real estate services to our out-of-state and in-state clients alike since 2018. We are equipped and specialized to work with real estate investors, whether you own one unit or 20. Our team markets and leases duplexes, single-family and multi-family homes, and commercial buildings through a syndication of 40+ leading and reputable websites, including Zillow, Hot Pads, etc. as well as social media marketing and on our website. We also oversee all property inquiries, showing requests, and tenant screenings. We handle all management when it comes to overseeing our clients' properties, including covering billing and financial reporting as well as tenant transitioning. Our team serves as a 24/7 tenant contact point for payments and maintenance requests in partnership with a network of contractors and technicians.

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Intrigue Indy Property Management offers a complete and full suite of services, from leasing and property management to managing a home renovation using our network of dedicated contractors.

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Free Home Rental Property Analysis

Own a property you would like to rent? Considering purchasing a rental? We can tell you how much your home can rent for.

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