Looking for a property manager in Greater Indianapolis who you can trust?

Our team of experienced property managers at Intrigue Indy provides the highest level of service in managing your property portfolio through prompt communication, property and tenant oversight, and maintenance coordination.

Intrigue's Property Management Service.

We coordinate all preventative and tenant-request maintenance that has been approved by the owner. We also handle all communications with tenants including rent collection, maintenance requests, and lease agreement violations.


10% of each month’s rent rate
(additional charges such as late fees, pet fees are passed through to owners in full)

**This rate is decreased to 8% if the owner has 10 units or more under Intrigue Indy Property Management.

Repairs & Maintenance are Included.

We coordinate all repairs and maintenance, using qualified vendors. Repairs & Maintenance is included in our Property Management services.


What’s the difference between Repairs & Maintenance and Project Management?

Repairs & Maintenance includes any repairs (routine or tenant-requested) of properties that were originally leased in move-in-ready condition by Intrigue Indy. Project Management includes any repairs or upgrades that need to occur prior to the property being deemed as move-in-ready for a future resident.


General maintenance and repair rates will vary. Intrigue has partnerships with a network of dependable service professionals and vendors that offer our clients below-market pricing. Repairs & Maintenance are considered "pass-through" expenses.

Transition of Property.

When situations arise that require the residential status of a property to change, we are here to manage all of the details of the transition.

The Intrigue Promise.

We can connect you with Intrigue Indy’s real estate attorney to help file evictions when absolutely necessary.

Intrigue Indy’s partner attorney can help you file an eviction (and subsequent damage hearings) at a discounted rate of $200/hour. The cost of this service will be covered by Intrigue Indy if a tenant falls behind by $1,000 or more within the first 6 months of the lease if Intrigue Indy was originally responsible for placing the tenant. Intrigue Indy will also coordinate with your chosen representation, providing them with all necessary documentation, including (but not limited to) rent rolls, itemized receipts for property damage, and records of communications with tenants.

Transition of Property Eviction Intrigue Indy Property Mangagement

For Inherited Tenants Only (this will not apply to current tenants that Intrigue Indy originally placed): For the onboarding of inherited tenants (whom Intrigue Indy has had no previous relationship with) a $300 Transition of Property fee will be billed upon delivery of the inherited tenant’s signed lease agreement or tenant move-out in place of the monthly property management fee, unless the management fee is higher than $300/month. If the property management fee for the property is higher than $300/month, the Transition of Property fee is waived and the regular management fee will be charged.

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Tenant Screening & Leasing Service

At Intrigue Indy, we utilize industry-leading leasing techniques, including a thorough screening and background check on each applicant.

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Free Rental Property Analysis

Interested in our Property Management & Leasing Services? Receive a free home rental property analysis to see what your property could rent for.