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Straightforward Pricing & Rates.


We will advertise the property, conduct showings, and screen/present you with a list of qualified applicants. You have final approval on which tenants you would like to lease to.

RATE: Equivalent to 1 month’s rent, to be billed on tenant’s move-in day.

Maximum of $1,8
00 leasing fee applied if the property owner has signed up for a 1-year term of Property Management with Intrigue Indy.

Property Management

We'll manage the day-to-day operations of your property so you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like on your investment.

RATE: 10% of each month’s rent rate

(additional charges such as all maintenance/repair fees, late fees, and pet fees are passed through to property owners in full)

**This rate is decreased to 8% if owner has 10 units or more under Intrigue Indy Property Management.

Project Management

Purchasing an as-is property? We have a network of dedicated contractors that offer our clients below-market pricing. We'll manage the large scale renovation to get the property rent or listing ready.

RATE: 9% of total project budget

Billed in real-time as contractors are paid and materials are purchased.

well maintaned neighborhood street
Free Rental Property Analysis Intrigue Indy Property Mangement

Have an existing property you own and are looking to rent? Considering purchasing a new property to add to your portfolio? Fill out our free property analysis form and our team will connect with you.

Receive a free property analysis.

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