Property Management:

  • Care-taking and protection of all real property asset(s)

  • Managing tenant billing operations

  • 24/7 point-of-contact for tenants

  • Managing any maintenance services (see ‘General Repairs and Maintenance’ section)

  • Ensuring that property does not fall into disrepair while unoccupied or occupied

  • Delivery of all necessary notices should tenant(s) violate their lease agreement


Rate:10% of each month’s rent rate (excluding extra fees paid by tenants)

Rehab Management:

  • Obtaining and providing Owner with multiple estimates for the satisfactory completion of all of the items on the Scope of Work provided by the Owner

  • Communicating with the contractor(s) and Owner to reach an all-party consensus on budget, start date, and estimated completion date

  • Acting as primary point of contact for contractor and Owner, facilitating clear lines of communication so that the owner’s wishes will be carried out throughout the project

  • Consulting with the Owner and provide recommendations on design and finishes for the project(s)

  • Providing the Owner with weekly updates (including pictures) on the progress of the project(s)

  • Communicating proactively with contractor(s) to ensure any needs of the project are known and being addressed


Rate: Rate: 10% of total project budget (labor + materials), billed in real time as contractors are paid and materials are purchased, OR a minimum fee of $1500 will be applied to each project, whichever is greater. As an alternative, Intrigue Indy can also draw up a suggested Scope of Work and connect you with a contractor that we would recommend for a flat fee of $450.

Airbnb Co-Hosting:

  • Strategically setting nightly rates on Airbnb’s website

  • Acting as primary point of contact for guests and responding promptly and professionally to all guest inquiries and requests

  • Reviewing each guest post-departure and encouraging guests to review the property/host

  • Inspecting the property between guest rentals and immediately reporting any maintenance or repairs needed to Owner

  • Hiring cleaners out of Intrigue Indy’s pool of experienced cleaners to clean the houses between guests, including hauling garbage, washing/drying all dishes and laundry, and re-making all of the beds/rearranging furniture


Rate: 15% of monthly bookings revenue (excluding cleaning fees paid by guests)

Leasing of Property:

  • Taking listing photos (wide angles and lots of natural light)

  • Listing property on over 40+ reputable sites

  • Marketing on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Listing property on, generating internal leads

  • Following up with inquiries and showing property to all interested parties

  • Filling the property with a screened tenant (background check and credit history report) that meets owner’s standards within the most aggressive timeline possible depending on owner’s goals (immediate occupancy vs. top market rate)


Rate: Equivalent to 1 month’s rent billed on tenant’s move-in day, maximum of $1500 applied if the owner has also signed up for a 1-year term of Property Management with Intrigue Indy

Transition of Property:

(This only applies to properties that an owner has acquired which already has tenants occupying them OR properties which already have tenants occupying them when Intrigue Indy takes over the management responsibilities.)

  • Representing owner’s interests for the future of the property and communicating them to inherited tenants

  • Delivering a signed lease within a reasonable timeline of closing/signing of listing agreement with Intrigue Indy OR facilitating the successful move-out of tenants

  • Delivering 10-day Indiana Notice to Quit (only when applicable)

  • Delivering 30-day Notice of Non-renewal of Lease (only when applicable)

  • Filling for Actual Eviction and executing Eviction proceedings

    • Evictions are only filed when absolutely necessary

    • An Eviction Filing and Possession Hearing Appearance Fee of $450 will be billed in order for Intrigue Indy’s Partner-Attorney to file an eviction (this service will be provided free of charge if Intrigue Indy was responsible for placing the tenant within the first six months of the lease). This fee can be added to a following Damages Hearing if the tenant is found to be in violation of the Lease Agreement. The court’s $102 (subject to change) filing fee is covered by this charge.

    • A Damages Hearing Fee of $300 will be billed in order for Intrigue Indy’s Partner-Attorney to appear in the follow-up damages hearing on behalf of the owner and compile a complete list of damages the owner is owed by the tenant.


Rate: $300 Transition of Property fee billed on delivery of tenant’s newly signed lease agreement OR move-out of tenant

General Repairs and Maintenance:

  • Coordination and resolution of any maintenance issues that might arise while property is under Intrigue Indy property management

  • Constant/current communication about the status of repairs

  • Connection to quality vendors, contractors, and technicians that complete projects at discounted rates

  • Intrigue Indy considers any repairs costing under $500 to be “General Repairs and Maintenance.” Intrigue Indy considers any repairs/upgrades costing over $500 to be a “Rehab and/or Renovation” and would therefore offer our client the option of either (1) dealing directly with the appropriate contractor(s) we refer them to or (2) hiring Intrigue Indy to manage the Rehab/Renovation according to Intrigue Indy’s Rehab Management service


Rate: $10 processing fee added for each transaction. Multiple repairs completed at once will only receive one $10 processing fee. 

General maintenance and repair rates will vary, but Intrigue Indy has partnerships with dozens of dependable service professionals and vendors that offer our clients below market pricing.

Airbnb Consulting, Airbnb Setup (Supplies Delivery and Assembly):

  • As a part of our Rehab Management service, we can seamlessly manage the renovation of any property and rehab it into an optimal space that can be used as an Airbnb 

  • Tastefully designing a layout of furniture, decor, and supplies for empty Airbnb spaces

  • Delivering a complete list of needed items and links including where to purchase them (IKEA, Amazon, Wayfair, etc.) to the Owner

  • Picking up (in a secure location), delivering, assembling, and staging all needed items for the Airbnb and ensuring the Airbnb is ready for operation and listing on Airbnb’s website


Rate: $25/hour will be Intrigue Indy’s rate to securely deliver furniture, decor, and supplies to the Airbnb and assemble/stage said items prior to the listing going live on Airbnb’s website


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