Property Management:

  • Care-taking and protection of all real property asset(s)

  • Managing tenant billing operations

  • 24/7 point-of-contact for tenants

  • Managing any maintenance services (see ‘General Repairs and Maintenance’ section)

  • Ensuring that property does not fall into disrepair while unoccupied or occupied

  • Delivery of all necessary notices should tenant(s) violate their lease agreement


Rate:10% of each month’s rent rate (excluding extra fees paid by tenants)

General Repairs and Maintenance:

  • Coordination and resolution of any maintenance issues that might arise while property is under Intrigue Indy property management

  • Constant/current communication about the status of repairs

  • Connection to quality vendors, contractors, and technicians that complete projects at discounted rates

  • Intrigue Indy considers any repairs costing under $500 to be “General Repairs and Maintenance.” Intrigue Indy considers any repairs/upgrades costing over $500 to be a “Rehab and/or Renovation” and would therefore offer our client the option of either (1) dealing directly with the appropriate contractor(s) we refer them to or (2) hiring Intrigue Indy to manage the Rehab/Renovation according to Intrigue Indy’s Rehab Management service


Rate: $10 processing fee added for each transaction. Multiple repairs completed at once will only receive one $10 processing fee. 

General maintenance and repair rates will vary, but Intrigue Indy has partnerships with dozens of dependable service professionals and vendors that offer our clients below market pricing.


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