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Don't want to pay an agent or property manager your first month's rent in order to find you a qualified tenant to lease your property? We get that...


That's why we have decided to absorb the cost of leasing units for our clients without sacrificing any of the quality of service that our clients have come to know when they work with Intrigue Indy. Check out the details below.

This promotion is applied provided the following conditions are met:

  • The market rent rate for the property must be $1,200 or more.

  • The property/unit must be a property/unit that has not been under Intrigue Indy's management before.

  • The property must be managed by Intrigue Indy for a minimum of 12 months following Intrigue Indy waiving the leasing fee. (Our monthly management fee is equal to 10% of each month's rent, or 8% if we manage 10 units or more for you.)

  • Any client may still terminate the management agreement (with 45 days notice) at any time prior to the 12-month management minimum being met. However, the full leasing fee will be due upon early termination of the agreement.

  • This promotion is "one time per property."

    This is not a change to Intrigue Indy's pricing model. Please view
    our pricing structure here. Our full leasing/placement fee would be applied to any future leasing efforts ordered by the owner of the property after the initial tenants placed by Intrigue Indy move out at the end of their 12 month lease.

To take advantage of this promotion, fill out our contact form to get in touch with our team.